Phive Bar | Our Promise
The first and only organic superfood bar to use a specific ratio of organic, non-gmo, wholefood ingredients to nourish our bodies the way nature intended.
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Our Promise

Phi is the universal code that charges and generates the process and flow of energy supplying the raw materials for human sustenance and nourishment. Those materials are comprised of macronutrients, vitamins, phytonutrients carotenoids and other ingredients inherent in the dairy wholesome foods we should be taking and enjoying every day.

Nature’s High Phive of Health, Beauty and Growth

Our Vision:

We see a world of harmony and balance, in accord with nature’s universal code for optimal health, which is expressed in all areas of life by PHI (the Golden Ratio).

Our Mission:

We want to revolutionize nutrition by sharing the profound benefits of nature’s perfection found in our ancient PHIVE recipe —healthy, organic and nutrient dense food lovingly prepared in PHI proportions.

Our Core Values:

PHIVE’s core values guide and form the basis of our daily lives. With the Golden Ratio of PHI—the blueprint of life—as an ever-present touchpoint, our employees, athletes, ambassadors and stakeholders play an active role in shaping the future of PHIVE on the basis of our core values. These guiding principles help give meaning to us in our work and our play.

We know our products can have a fantastically positive influence on your life and we know that our ancient recipe is so perfectly crafted and prepared that enjoying it will never leave you feeling anything but invigorated—we won’t leave you hanging. So much so that we also know when it comes to healthy, organic food on the go, you are gonna say “GIMME PHIVE!” We love a good HIGH PHIVE and we love people… in fact, people is our first core value.

People : Family, Team, Friends, Neighbors

Hunger : Hunger is your friend. Give it a HIGH PHIVE.

Organic : Certified Organic food is the best option for safe, clean food.

Sustainability : Sustainability is a balancing act that meets the needs of the present without compromising the well being of future generations.

Wholesome : Wholesome is healthful, heartfelt, helpful and holistic.

OUR PROMISE is to share the wonderful benefits of PHIVE’s ancient recipe with the world–offering healthy, organic and nutrient dense food lovingly prepared in PHI proportions. We know this is what your body wants and is saying to you… GIMME PHIVE.

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